A 360-Degree Assessment Isn’t Always Enough For Building Strong Leaders

Strong leaders aren’t born. They’re individuals who continually open themselves up for constructive critique for their growth and improvement. Great leaders are those who raise their self-awareness in order to be proactive in developing their future and the future of their team.

But how do they do this?

When paired with an action plan, a 360-degree assessment can transform not just a leader but their entire organization, creating the foundation on which everything is built.

As a leader, your 360 is a confidential survey primarily taken by your managers, direct reports, peers and other key stakeholders. When completed, the results highlight your leadership capabilities, focusing on skills such as people management, task management, execution abilities, communication and so on. It provides a full view of what core areas — strengths and weaknesses — you need to develop to be a more effective leader.

It’s Not A Magic Bullet

While 360s provide great insights, they are not magic bullets that suddenly transform how you lead.

In order for real change through a 360, you have to be willing to critically look at yourself. I often coach leaders who think they’re going to simply receive a list of tactical things to do to change. However, many are surprised by the personal work required for real, long-term leadership development.

For most people, you create your success by applying your strengths to react to the challenges of the day. But when you move into a leadership role, you are then responsible for developing others and creating for tomorrow. You must now learn how to apply your strengths in a more proactive rather than reactive way. This is the challenge I see when working with leaders, as this requires self-awareness, vulnerability, and support with a plan, not just a list of strengths and weaknesses.

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Source:  Forbes



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